e-Grocery App

Use this Mobile App as

Client, to save Time & Energy

Client can order items from Multiple Stores and any local shops under Single order.

Shopper, to earn Extra Income

Shopper goes to the market, purchases the items and delivers to client.
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Groceries, shopped and delivered with Trolli

From major grocery retailers and your local stores

Save time

Get a few essentials or your entire weekly grocery delivery to your door, without stepping foot in a shop.

Everyday prices

Shop online for your favourite products from major grocery retailers and local shops, at the price you pay in-store.

Fast delivery

Use Trolli in capital cities and smaller towns across Australia. Book in advance or get same-day online food delivery.

How the Trolli Multi-Store e-Grocery App Works

1. Customer creates TROLLi

The customer selects the store/s, then the individual items for the order.
The customer enters their Credit Card details into a safe and secure Credit Card Processing system (Stripe), to verify that funds are available to pay for the order. The details are not stored in Trolli’s database.

2. Personal Grocery Shopper accepts the job

The nearby Personal Grocery Shoppers are notified that the job has been posted and the job is accepted by one of the Shoppers.

3. Personal Grocery Shopper buys & delivers

The Personal Grocery Shopper goes to the store/s and purchases the items using his or her own funds and delivers the order.
The Shopper has peace of mind as the customer’s payment is pre-authorized.

4. Shopper submits amount

Upon receiving the parcel delivery, the personal Grocery Shopper taps the "Finish" button and submits the amount spent on groceries in the Trolli App. The Shopper gives receipts to the customer.

5. Client pays at doorstep

The customer verifies the receipts and immediately pays the amount, excluding the flat rate delivery fee, to the Personal Grocery Shopper in cash or via bank transfer.

6. Client marks job Completed

The customer marks the job as "Complete" in the App and submits a review/rating.Next, the delivery fee is charged to the customer’s card and their card details are “released” from the app.

Note: Earnings will be transferred to Shopper's bank account later (periodically).

Sit Back and Relax

We’ll save your time and do the heavy lifting

Interested in making money?

Become a Trolli Personal Grocery Shopper

Shop and deliver groceries to customers.
  • Earn more if picking up from multiple stores
  • Take multiple jobs at the same time
  • Get reimbursed for groceries at the customer’s doorstep
  • Deliver to locations close to you
  • Earnings reimbursed weekly*

Become a Personal Grocery Shopper now

Note: *Earnings reimbursed weekly, no less than one week after the order was finalised.